Hanz and Calleigh's World

Hanz and Calleigh's World

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hi-5 to the Hi-5 team! 

Calleigh has been watching this show for 3 weeks now. The energetic cast and catchy songs are a big part of its appeal. I quite often catch myself singing along with the songs. Heehee! ^^ And Calleigh's adapting their accent as well. (kaso minsan di ko naiintindihan! hahaha!)
Thank you, Kuya Cobi!!! daming Hi-5 cds... ^^

Calleigh: mom, i want wotah
me: huh? what? anong wotah?
Calleigh: i want to drink wotah, mom!
me: what's wotah? i dont understand!
Calleigh: WATER! WATER! i want to drink WATER!
Me: ah okay! sorry naman!

dancing - around the world

1,2,3,4, HI-5!!! ^^